How to Solve the Cube (Without Magic)

Printable Cheat Sheet

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Solve– (as a noun) The act of solving the cube once. A solve can take seconds to hours to years.

Algorithm– a set of pre-defined actions with a known outcome, designed to solve a problem. In cubing, an algorithm is a memorized set of moves that does something specific to a recognized pattern.

Cubie– Each of the miniature “cubes” that make up the overall puzzle. There are three types: Centers, edges, and corners.

Orientation (Verb form “orient”)– refers to the twist/flip position of a cubie in relation to the puzzle.

Permutation (Verb form “permute”)– refers to the position of a cubie on the puzzle in relation to the others.

F2L– First two layers, or the bottom side, the edges of all cubies on that side, and the band around the middle of the cube parallel to that side. F2L refers to the part of a solve where these two layers are solved.

OLL– Orient Last Layer- The part of a solve where the cubies on the top layer are oriented to show the top color “solved” on the top.

PLL– Permute Last Layer- the part of a solve where the oriented cubies on the top layer are rearranged to solve their side colors.



To go faster, I highly recommend this site:

Also, absolutely do not attempt to speed cube with a store-bought Rubik’s cube. They will kill your wrists. Cube3 comes with a nice cube, but you can also find great cubes all over the internet.